The weapons practiced in the Matayoshi system range from the more common ones like the bo and tonfa to the more unusual like the suruchin and sansetsukon. Some of the weapons taught in our dojo include:

  • Bo- a roughly 6′ stick
  • Sai- a forked metal truncheon, used in pairs
  • Tonfa- a right angled club, used in pairs
  • Nunchiyaku- a short flail
  • Eku- a boat oar
  • Guwa- a hoe
  • Tinbe- a round shield and machete
  • Nunti bo- a bo topped with a forked metal head
  • Kama- a cane or rice sickle, used in pairs
  • Sansetsukon- a three section staff
  • Suruchin- a roughly 3 meter rope with a rock on each end

Each weapon has its own kata, as well as its own basics and paired practices.  They are taught as part of a unified system, with shared principals of use and application. For more information about the weapons in the Matayoshi Kobudo and their provenance, see Fred sensei’s article here.


Keith & Tania