A Successful Seminar

We had another great weekend training Feeding Crane with Liu sifu. Interesting material, excellent instruction, and a great group of people to share it with. We had folks from as far away as Colorado join us, as well as people from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and around Massachusetts, including Belchertown and Rockport as well as folks from closer in to Boston. One fun thing about these seminars is that we also get a real mix of styles here- people who train in Uechi Ryu, Goju Ryu, and a couple of different Chinese arts were here, among others. Some have a good deal of background in Feeding Crane, some none, but everyone worked hard, and brought what they already knew to the table (in a good way!). It was especially nice to see some new faces and introduce them to the system. We always have a group of committed people at these weekends, and this was no different- the energy and focus in the room was great to be a part of.

Feeding Crane Seminar, Watertown, MA November 2014

Feeding Crane Seminar, Watertown, MA November 2014

Thank you again to Liu sifu for his instruction, and to all the folks who came out for their effort and energy. I am already looking forward to the next time!

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