Feeding Crane Seminar

Liu Chang’I sifu will be back in the Boston area soon! On October 24&25 he will be teaching a seminar on his family’s Feeding Crane system. I look forward to this event every year. It is great to see Sifu Liu; we have a good time hanging out and training, and it is always fun to catch up with friends and teachers. The weekend seminar is also one of the training highlights of the year. Of course the instruction is excellent, and sifu’s enthusiasm for his practice is infectious! We have a great time sweating, nursing our bruises (by late Sunday, anyway), and taking in the training methods, applications, and insights into his art that he shares. Every year there is something new, and a new perspective on what I thought we already knew.


Along with sifu’s instruction the thing that makes the weekend is the eclectic group of people that come out to train together. Last year we had Okianwan Goju, Uechi, Shorin Ryu practitioners, practitioners of a couple of different Chinese arts, and a couple of people completely new to martial arts practice. It is always a great mix. We get to touch hands with people from a variety of backgrounds and share each others experience and insights. Training is usually intense, with plenty of sweat and the occasional bruise, and throughout it all the atmosphere always stays engaged and you can feel how much everyone is enjoying training together. The mutual respect and friendship in the room is a great way to share a deep and fascinating art.

If you can join us for this fantastic weekend of training, please do! The sign up information is here, in the Events section of the site, and you can contact us via our FB page or the email in the sign up sheet if you have questions. It is going to be great weekend, and I am really looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces, and to meeting anyone new who comes out to join us!

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