What is in a Name?

A few months ago I was asked by Mr. Michael Clayton to work with him on a short paper about the definition of the term (not the style, but the words themselves) Matayoshi Kobudo. It seemed like an interesting exercise and I said yes. I am glad I did. I have enjoyed the process a great deal, and it indeed turned into a very interesting way to look at the term. If semantics, with a little history thrown in, is not your thing it might have limited interest but it has made me think about how we use words to describe our training, and the groups we belong to, and in that alone it was fun to do. It was also a pleasure working with Michael and I would like to thank him both for thinking of me, and for his hard work on it, as well as for the illustrations which I think came out great! The paper we developed is below, and I hope you enjoy it.

What-is-Matayoshi-Kobudo-Illustrated-Lohse-and-Clayton (2)

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