Schedule Changes

As of January 1st, 2015, there will be two changes to our training schedule.

1) Weeknight karate and kobudo will now go from 7-9 PM.

2) Starting in January our Feeding Crane training will shift to every Tuesday night. It is a welcome change! Feeding Crane classes will be taught alternately by Fred sifu and Mike Larimore sifu, and of course we will be training together with Mirakian sensei’s students in Watertown. 411-Sakai sensei dojo-bunkai 10

These should be some good changes for 2015. Looking forward to another great year of training here at Kodokan Boston!

New Website

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new Kodokan Boston website! We’ll be posting news, commentary, information about the dojo and our system, and other events here. Our old site was beautiful, thanks to a lot of hard work by Corey Tedrow sensei, but it was time to update, and take advantage of some of the things the web offers the dojo now. We are looking forward to using the new page, and I hope the dojo and our friends and family will find it a good place to come for information about us, and what is happening with the dojo.