Visit From Kimo Sensei

We just had another good visit with Kimo Wall sensei. As ever, it was good to see him. We had some good training each day he was here, and he got to meet some of the new students in the dojo. A few of Anthony Mirakian sensei’s students also came out to join us for some of the training, which was really nice! One evening a couple of his seniors did kata, and it was like Mirakian sensei was there with us. It made me think about the tangible nature of transmission, and how those relationships are in our bodies as well as our minds. I was reminded of the responsibility that puts on those of us who teach- our students copy what we are doing, both in their bodies and in how they think about the art. If we are not careful, we can pass on some bad things along with the good. But deep thoughts aside, it was great fun, and Kimo sensei was very happy to see everyone who came out.

We also, of course, got to see a number of old friends, people who live further away or who are no longer in the dojo regularly. It is always good to see them! Sensei’s birthday is at the end of the month so we had a little early birthday party for him on Saturday night. Good conversation, good food, and good friends, what more can you ask for?

cake for Kimo sensei

Kimo sensei is now back to Puerto Rico and we will look forward to the next time we see him. We wish him well in his travels, and with his students around the country. Nifeeideebiiru Sensei!

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